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Chelsea Combs

Mama Hen

Growing up next to my grandparents’ dairy goat farm for much of my childhood led to a love and longing for the farm life.  It was important to me to provide our children with an understanding of the circle of life. We want our children to have an appreciation for a harmonious planet and the freedom to get dirty; while learning how to lovingly care for creatures who provide for us.  Our day jobs require us to live the city life. We have managed to compromise these needs and goals by having a backyard brood, and we want to help you start yours!

We want to spread the love by helping others in their chicken tending endeavors! It can be overwhelming to plan and implement the entire process. We have called on others and others have called on us for advice. We felt there was a need to work as a collective and have sound practical advice all in one place to help people. It can be as simple or extravagant a project as you want. We look forward to helping you build your backyard brood!

Patrick & Chelsea Combs
Patrick Combs

Father Hen

Hi! I’m Patrick, and I’m the proud father of a brood of chickens.

My wife Chelsea started our brood in 2017 after she attended a chicken keeping class put on by the City of Austin. She then dove headfirst and did a ton of research before deciding it was time for us to get our own coop. I was all in! We knew our girls would love it and we have had so many wonderful and painful experiences with our brood over the past four years.

Chelsea’s passion for this is unmatched, and I am excited for her to thrive doing what she does best: mothering (chickens and our human children) and being of service.

Chicken Facts

1 Chicken Eats Approximately 1.5 Pounds

The average chicken eats about one and a half pounds of food a day. With a small brood you can make a serious impact on food waste!

Third Best Way To Reduce Food Waste

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Food Recovery Hierarchy shows feeding animals as the third best way to reduce food waste


The City of Austin's Zero Waste Goal

Backyard chicken farms can help Austin reach its zero waste goal to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills by 90% by 2040.

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From planning, budgeting and implementing, it can be as simple or extravagant as you want. We are here to take that journey with you and start your backyard brood!

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CombsCare®  provides you with a service for when you need to leave town. You can leave knowing your chickens are safe and well cared for when you are gone. 


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